Cabinet companies promote the sinking of channels, and the competition area is broader

Channel sinking is an important feature of the cabinet industry in recent years. With the advancement of the urbanization construction wave, the clarion call of 'building materials to the countryside' is also sounded in villages and towns across the country. This 'channel war' of cabinet companies is the main firepower. Also concentrated in a broader market area.

  Competition in the first and second tier market of cabinets is fierce

   In some first- and second-tier cities, there are already some building materials markets that have caused merchants to withdraw due to poor operating conditions, high rents, and inconsistent relationships with merchants. Coupled with the fact that dealers are helpless in the current predicament, sales have fallen sharply, and they have to choose to give up. Although this is no longer a question of which building materials market to choose, those building materials markets that are poorly managed and poorly managed are always the first to feel this chill.

   In order to get a share of the only market resources, cabinet dealers have tried their best, or group purchases, or exhibitions, or discounts and concessions. They do everything to the extreme, but the effect can only be described as unsatisfactory. . Take group buying as an example. There are only so many market resources. Group buying has grabbed the share that originally belonged to the building materials market. There are fewer people going to the building materials market. It seems that there is no loss to the dealers, but in fact it is not. The cabinet dealers need to invest more energy and financial resources in trade fairs or group purchases, which originally did not need to be invested.

   All the measures are all praised but not popular. The bottom line is that the market has been saturated, and before the competition continues to re-shuffle and form a new pattern, all efforts can only lay the foundation for the next round of sales, and cannot gain immediate success. Interests.

   Prefecture-level cities can form a unique pattern

   In prefecture and county-level cities, since a professional cabinet market has not yet been established, compared with developed cities, it is undoubtedly a piece of sweet pastry that has not yet been cultivated. As long as cabinet manufacturers copy their successful experience in the past, they will be far ahead of the dealers in prefecture-level cities in terms of business philosophy. If they enter early, it is possible to form a unique sales pattern.

   At present, the underdeveloped prefecture-level cities are concentrated in home improvement stores in a few streets. The types of operations are not particularly rich. If consumers want to have the required building materials and daily necessities, they need to run from store to store. It is possible to get what you want again, and this is a good opportunity for cabinet manufacturers to enter.

  The urban brand cluster is the evolution of the urban industrial cluster. Since the founding of New China, industrial clusters have spontaneously grown due to the advantages of urban resources. The urbanization trend of cabinet companies, which are facing sinking channels, will also advance at the same time.
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