Cabinet companies need to extend the service line to firmly base themselves on the market torrent

After more than 20 years of development, the competition in China's cabinet industry has become increasingly fierce. It has been upgraded from simple product brand competition to diversified competition. Therefore, service has become the core competitiveness of cabinet companies, and cabinet companies need to grasp well. This core can be firmly established in the market torrent.

  Service is also an important part of corporate brand building. Excellent and complete service can better demonstrate brand culture and corporate management level. Cabinet companies should take 'serving consumers wholeheartedly' as their service tenet, and earnestly solve every problem of consumers, make consumers satisfied, and be responsible for them.

   Continue to pay attention to lengthening service 'length'

   Although many cabinet companies have a strong sense of service and have put forward many targeted service plans, overall, there is still a lot of room for improvement of cabinet services. For example, in the later service, we must consider how to visit customers. Industry insiders give an example, “It’s easy to return to consumers after the cabinet is installed. It’s easy to return to consumers after a year, but it’s not that simple for companies that can continue to pay attention to consumers after three years.” So extend the service. The 'length' of time is an important content that cabinet companies need to consider.

   Cultivate brand awareness and expand service 'width'

   When it comes to the 'width' of cabinet service, the most intuitive thing is to cultivate consumers' brand awareness. Xiaomi mobile phone has cultivated hundreds of “rice noodles” through the community, becoming loyal consumers of the product, and expanding the influence of the product. So can cabinet companies consciously cultivate the ability of consumers to identify cabinet materials, evaluate cabinet products, and learn cabinet maintenance so as to increase their preference for products? As the relationship between cabinets and lifestyles becomes closer and closer, consumers have more and more room for choice. This kind of brand awareness 'cultivation' may become a breakthrough in service upgrades.

  Service upgrades also require the cooperation of dealers

   For the larger domestic cabinet manufacturers, their production and channel chains have been quite complete, so making a breakthrough from 'service upgrade' may be 'looking for new growth points.' Another point of view is that the feasibility and necessity of cost changes in the cabinet service reform need to be considered, because cabinet service involves the cooperation of dealers. If the dealer’s service management is not enough, it will greatly exceed the cabinet sales itself. There is still a chain between the various positive and negative influences brought about.
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