Cabinet companies need to develop cross-industry well, and it is not difficult to win the home furnishing market

With the development of economic globalization, competition in the home furnishing industry has become increasingly fierce. As the saying goes, “one who can wear flowers will wear one flower, and those who don’t wear one will wear a full head”. In order to win more shares in the home furnishing market, enterprises blindly follow the trend in the face of a dazzling array of markets, and the phenomenon of cross-bank development is prominent. In order to avoid being 'shot

  The trend of cross-border cooperation in kitchen appliances is obvious

   According to relevant statistics, in the next three years, the market size of my country’s kitchen and electricity integration is expected to reach 39 billion yuan. With the overall growth momentum of the home appliance industry slowing down, the market size of range hoods and gas stoves will reach 22 billion yuan and 14.3 billion yuan. Facing the overall kitchen market with unlimited potential, kitchen cabinet companies and kitchen appliance companies have begun to penetrate each other, hoping to lead the development of the Chinese kitchen market in the future.

   Cross-industry is an opportunity or a challenge

   'Integration of kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances' is a revolution of traditional scattered home appliances and kitchen cabinets. The overall kitchen is a major trend in the current kitchen decoration, so the development stage must properly handle the problems of kitchen cabinets and home appliances, and find the best fit between the two. Kitchen cabinets belong to woodworking, and kitchen appliances belong to hardware. Although these two different industries are closely related, they also have huge differences. The production of kitchen cabinets is different from the standardized production of kitchen electrical products, and more needs to meet the individual needs of consumers. From Ru0026D and design to production, installation and after-sales, the material, technology, baking varnish and so on used in each link of the cabinet Professional requirements. In the installation process, the kitchen appliances also need to be more closely integrated with the kitchen cabinets in terms of performance, not simply superimposing functions. In addition, kitchen cabinets are large-scale products, with their service life generally longer than household appliances, and the price is also more expensive than household appliances, so there is not as much household appliance in market demand.

  Cabinet inter-bank development needs a proper way

   If cabinet companies want to develop across fields, they must first consider whether their own capital, that is, the number of 'eggsFor the cabinet industry, there are enough 'baskets'. The problem is that if a company has only a handful of 'eggsprofit. Therefore, to put eggs in more baskets, companies must first do what they can and count their own 'eggs'.
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