Cabinet companies must grasp the development of urbanization and create opportunities for take-off

The gradual development of the real estate industry in the direction of urbanization has become an indisputable fact. Affected by real estate, the home furnishing industry will also move towards a clearer development. Therefore, cabinet companies must seize every opportunity to take off.

   vigorously develop town construction

   According to relevant data, from 1978 to 2013, the permanent population of our cities increased from 170 million to 730 million, the urbanization rate increased from 17.9% to 53.7%, and the number of cities changed from 193 to 658. The number has changed from 2173 to 20113. According to this plan, within the next few years, 100 million of my country's permanent population will be transformed into urban population, bringing the urbanization rate to 60%.

   Seize the opportunity of urbanization

   The product cost price cannot be too high, the quality is reliable, and the after-sales service is perfect. Compared with foreign brands, domestic cabinet brands have greater advantages. Rural urbanization gives the domestic cabinet industry a brand new opportunity. . With the development of the times, the market share of domestic cabinets is constantly increasing, is gradually rising, and has become a new consumption trend. Therefore, cabinet brands must seize the opportunity of urbanization, expand the brand's market share in this range, establish a good reputation, build popularity, and reduce the market share of foreign brands.

  Development in line with market demand

   From the perspective of the current cabinet industry, with the acceleration of my country’s new urbanization, many domestic cabinet brands are also striving to open up the broad market in third- and fourth-tier cities and rural areas. However, as people’s perceptions change, prices No longer the only preferred condition, quality is becoming more and more important.

   In the face of a huge potential consumer group, the cabinet industry needs to break the mindset, re-position its own products in the market, respond to market changes, grasp the characteristics of consumer demand in third- and fourth-tier cities and towns and counties, and truly grasp the market Business opportunities to win corporate profits.
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