Cabinet companies hand in environmental protection answer sheets, water-based paint has become a new assessment standard

Environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, and consumers are paying more and more attention to environmental protection. In the cabinet industry, whether the formaldehyde exceeds the standard and whether the smell is unpleasant are often important criteria for consumers to consider whether the cabinet is environmentally friendly. In the perception of consumers, most of the raw materials used are solid wood + solid wood composite structure. There is no problem with the sealing performance and environmental protection level, which is equivalent to the environmental protection and compliance of the cabinet. In fact, in addition to the material of the cabinet board itself, the board The type of paint used has also become one of the important indicators that determine whether the cabinet is environmentally friendly.

   Whether the cabinets are environmentally friendly has a number of indicators

  The harmful substances in cabinets are mainly formaldehyde and various volatiles, and their sources are mainly glue and paint. Among them, glue is used in the manufacturing process of cabinets, because the wood-based panels used in panel cabinets, whether it is MDF (also known as fiberboard), particle board, solid wood particle board, will use a lot of glue in the manufacturing process, so the main Rely on the tightness and reliability of the board edge sealing to prevent the harmful substances in the glue from dissipating.

  Water-based paint is more environmentally friendly and safer than traditional paint

   There are many kinds of paints used on the surface of cabinets. The traditional oil-based paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), benzene, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances. At present, more and more water-based paints are used internationally. Water-based paints do not contain benzene, toluene, xylene and other ingredients, and the VOC content is also extremely low, which is one-tenth of the VOC content of oil-based paints. Compared with oil-based paint, water-based paint is indeed more environmentally friendly and safer, but the cost is relatively expensive.

   water-based paint, the performance of all aspects of the paint film is completely comparable to oil-based paint. The advantage of water-based paint is that pure water is used as a diluent, and the ingredients do not contain any substances that are toxic to the human body. Avoid the volatilization of formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other toxic and carcinogenic substances and long-term harm to human health. It has no pollution to the environment, and the water-based paint will not burn, and the construction is safe. Compared with the traditional solvent-based paint, it also has good flame retardant properties. If there are children at home, it can also achieve the characteristics of super scrub resistance, strong hiding power, high elasticity, effective cover for small cracks, antibacterial and mildew proof.

   cabinet companies take the initiative to improve product environmental protection

   At present, the well-known domestic cabinet brands basically choose environmentally friendly glue that does not contain formaldehyde, but in terms of paint, oil paint is still used, because each cabinet needs to use a lot of paint, if you use all of them Water-based paint is unaffordable in terms of cost. Moreover, it seems that the hazards of paint are not as serious and daunting as formaldehyde, so cabinet manufacturers are somewhat inert in using water-based paint.

   Therefore, consumers need to pay attention to the type of paint under the premise that the major brands have basically used environmentally friendly glue. From this perspective, when purchasing environmentally friendly cabinets, water-based paint products are the first choice. This is the necessary consideration for pursuing environmentally friendly home life. What the cabinet companies have to do is to maximize the environmental performance of cabinet products and actively contribute to consumers' healthy and comfortable home life.
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