Cabinet companies go to the Internet, offline stores create differentiated advantages

Recently, the China Internet Management Center (CNNIC) released the '35th Statistical Report on the Development of the Internet'. According to data, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 649 million, the number of mobile Internet users reached 557 million, the personal Internet penetration rate was 47.9%, and the corporate Internet penetration rate Up to 78.7%, the average online time per capita reaches 26.1 hours per week. Various Internet applications have become important means and methods to meet the needs of individuals in daily life and meet the business activities of enterprises. The biggest enlightenment of this data for cabinet companies is that the Internetization of business operations is inevitable.

  The Internet changes how consumers receive information

   The Internet has significantly changed consumers' information collection habits. Traditional outdoor advertisements and paper-media advertisements are no longer so attractive. Consumers' channels for accepting advertisements are slowly shifting to mobile clients. Take cabinets, brand promotion information, consumers like to look at the official account, cabinet decoration renderings, consumers like to view through Baidu, brand official website...So, in response to these market changes, where should the cabinet store go?

   Now, due to the popularization of mobile Internet, customers have moved from the stage of 'passive acceptance' of brand information to the stage of 'active search'. Consumers have more initiative. Active search allows them to pay attention to only the brands and products they are interested in, and they can block those who are not interested at any time. In short, they can use their mobile phones to learn about various cabinet decoration renderings and choose various cabinet brands. Therefore, online sales of cabinet products have an absolute advantage over traditional store sales in terms of purchase convenience and price. It is time for traditional cabinet stores to wake up and change. So, in the era of mobile Internet, how should traditional cabinet stores change? Industry insiders believe that 'traditional cabinet stores need to change in three directions, from selling products to selling solutions, services and selling experience.

  Traditional cabinet stores want to sell overall decoration plans

  Products sold online have an obvious feature, that is, the purchase and use of the product is relatively simple, the added value is not high, consumers are easy to make purchase decisions, so for some products such as books, instant noodles, and clothes In other words, the online impact will be even greater. However, for large-scale products such as cabinets, it is even more necessary to sell the overall solution. Therefore, from selling products to selling solutions is an important transformation that traditional cabinet stores need to make in the era of mobile Internet.

  Why would a customer buy a product? Many people think that it is because the product is good and can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. In fact, there are many factors that affect customers' purchases. In addition to product factors, people and shopping environment factors are also included. If a cabinet store makes the purchase process pleasant for customers, it will usually become an unforgettable experience for customers. The shift from selling products to selling services requires the cabinet store to organize from three aspects: pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales. Regarding the on-sale and after-sale services, some cabinet stores are doing pretty well now, but with the scarcity of offline customer resources, the service will definitely turn to the pre-sale stage. Many cabinet companies are unwilling to provide for those that are not sold in this store. The cabinet provides free maintenance and repair services.

   cabinet companies need to strengthen the advantages of offline stores

   For cabinet companies, since the advantage of offline stores is to create a differentiated and personalized experience for customers, the store should let customers leave a deep impression every time they visit the store, and feel an unprecedented life Experience. However, most cabinet stores today are still pursuing the issue of evaluation, hoping to sell more products in the smallest sales space, but they often end up losing customers. From selling products to selling experience, cabinet stores are required to treat experience marketing as a whole activity. It includes both the various behaviors of customers after entering the store and the environmental atmosphere created by the store. Any store that simply aims at sales will not be able to do experiential marketing activities. Here, the clerk is no longer a salesperson, but guides customers through various activities. A waiter for a kind of experience activity.

   In short, in the context of increasingly fierce market competition in the cabinet industry, the advent of the mobile Internet era is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for traditional cabinet stores. Traditional cabinet stores should face the challenge and seek change.
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