Cabinet companies fight secretly and openly to no profit

As the saying goes, 'The shopping mall is like a battlefield, there are no friends, only eternal interests'. This sentence is especially obvious when used in a shopping mall filled with gunsmoke. Some time ago, Kuaidi and Didi announced a strategic merger, which surprised many people. However, it also points to one point. In fact, there are no permanent enemies in the market. Sometimes 'making peace' may create greater benefits. For the cabinet industry, where competition is becoming increasingly fierce, it is possible for both sides to lose out by fighting over and under, and shaking hands and making peace may create greater value.

  Didi Kuaidi's joint monopoly on the ride-hailing market

   On Valentine's Day, February 14th, not only many couples began to show their affection, but Kuaidi and Didi also came to join in the fun. On the same day, Kuaidi Dache and Didi Dache announced a high-profile strategic merger, but the personnel structure remained unchanged, the business will also develop independently, and taxi subsidies and red envelope activities will continue. As soon as the news came out, there was an uproar from all walks of life. The opponents who once fought hard on red envelopes and subsidies ended in a dramatic 'reunionAfterwards, the outside world had mixed opinions on the two actions. Some said they had to cooperate when they had no money, and some said that they had to monopolize the market. No matter what, it became a fact that they changed from competitors to collaborators.

  Industry competition is inevitable, and it is not undesirable to shake hands

   In fact, competition is universal in any industry, otherwise there would be no such thing as 'shopping malls like battlefields'. In the struggles in some industries, it is just that some companies are arguing in the open, while some are hiding in the dark and putting down arrows. In the cabinet industry, many companies fight to the death for market share and product profit. A little bit of profit obtained through hard work is used in competition, but they often fail to achieve good results in the end. In fact, cabinet companies can think from another angle and think about the problem. Although competition is inevitable, the example of cooperation will benefit both and fighting will also provide more solutions to the competition of cabinet companies. In the future, 'shaking hands and making peace' may benefit more.

   cabinet companies 'negotiation' or can learn from each other

   It’s not uncommon for people to fight back and forth in the cabinet industry. They ridiculed the slogans of promotional activities, slandered competitors in the channel layout, constantly suppressed their opponents with low prices on product prices, and kept their opponents out in order to increase exposure. Advertisements etc. happen from time to time. Such a phenomenon is likely to lead to a result: the company's profits are constantly being compressed in the face of low prices, and it is also facing high promotion costs, and its competitors may not necessarily be suppressed. In fact, cabinet companies can shake hands and make peace, learn from each other's strengths, and create a better blueprint together. Just like the former Youku Tudou, after fighting for so many years, it has not been able to decide the high and low. After the merger, it is now firmly seated at the top of the video industry. Both sides have made a lot of money. Why not?
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