Cabinet companies do a good job in marketing, the key is to prescribe the right medicine

In today's increasingly fierce competition in the cabinet industry, shuffling is an inevitable development. For well-known brand cabinets, shuffling may be more beneficial and can eliminate many 'adversariesTherefore, if cabinet companies can do their homework in marketing and 'play' with tricks, they may be able to have a stronger winning weight in the fierce competition.

  Part of the cabinet companies’ marketing is not “powerful”

   Nowadays, marketing methods such as advertising and promotional activities have become common promotion methods for many cabinet companies and distributors. However, for current consumers, these 'old-fashioned' promotional and marketing methods have long lost their previous appeal. force. Therefore, in many cases, a lot of advertising and marketing expenses are spent, but they are rarely effective.

   Moreover, for some cabinet companies, under the constant pressure of rising raw material costs and pressing national environmental protection policies, they have fallen into a vicious circle of unsellable products and can only reduce their advertising funds. , And finally showed the situation that some cabinet companies were not 'satisfied' in marketing.

   Deploy the marketing strategy according to the right medicine, the cabinet enterprise rebirth

   As the saying goes: You can’t do two things. The consumer philosophy recognized by the North may not be unimpeded in the South, and Western popular products may be obsolete early in the East. Therefore, the marketing model of cabinet products should also be adapted to local conditions according to local culture, history, and living habits.

   In addition, from the current marketing strategies of some cabinet companies and distributors, most of them are untargeted and scientific, and even more uncultured. The 30-year history of China's fast-moving consumer goods marketing proves that any long-lasting best-selling consumer product has undergone many trials and repeated market trials. Brand image, price strategy, channel strategy, advertising strategy, terminal strategy, etc. all need to be polished in the pilot market for a period of time, and after repeated verification and error correction, the start can be accelerated. This process must not be omitted. The experience gained from actual combat is also of great reference significance for cabinet companies.

   In short, in the context of a relatively sluggish cabinet market and an unpredictable competitive environment, cabinet companies must have a sense of crisis, and 'prescribe the right medicine' for targeted marketing. This is the key to victory. Therefore, cabinet companies should do a good job of market research during the marketing process to avoid one size fits all. Because the competition in the cabinet market will become more intense in the future, only by strengthening innovation and adapting measures to local conditions can cabinet companies seize their own market across the country.
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