Cabinet companies create an integrated marketing model to develop online and offline

With the development of Internet technology, more and more cabinet companies have begun to seek online development with the help of e-commerce platforms. It is true that the development of e-commerce by cabinet companies can drive offline sales to a certain extent. However, because cabinet products are large items, they have their particularities. Therefore, cabinet companies also need to create an integrated marketing model to develop online and offline.

   E-commerce is developing rapidly, supplementing physical stores

  In the eyes of industry insiders, the online market is in a golden period of rapid development. Today, when the offline market is in a downturn, seize the opportunity of online market development, give full play to the offline market brand advantage, and use the online market to make up for the market retail scale The lack of this is a direction worthy of consideration by various cabinet companies. In the cabinet industry, although the results of e-commerce development are not so impressive, there are still cabinets and other home furnishing companies who are willing to develop online platforms. So, what is the reason for switching to e-commerce? Industry insiders pointed out that in recent years, the traffic of household stores has decreased, and the transaction volume has decreased. On the one hand, it is affected by real estate and on the other hand by the Internet. The decrease in sales in physical stores has accelerated the embrace of the Internet by cabinet companies, hoping to increase transaction volume through the Internet. An e-commerce person in home furnishing stores who did not want to be named said, “Some home furnishing stores have very few customers during peak seasons. Online shopping malls complement physical stores and follow the trend of the times.

  Cabinet companies are working together online and offline to create an integrated marketing model

   As far as the cabinet industry is concerned, online sales channels are becoming increasingly popular. There is a view that the offline sales channels of cabinets may perish in the future. However, most industry experts believe that as the cabinet industry matures, the experiential demand for cabinets has increased, which has increased the necessity of physical stores. In the future, cabinet channels will develop toward online transactions and offline experience. Indeed, with the rapid development of the Internet, entering online platforms has become a major trend in all walks of life. However, why is the speed of the cabinet's advancement still 'turtle-climbing' when the network market is in a good situation. The webpage has been swiped and swiped, but the cabinet brands on some online shopping platforms are still very few.

   In this regard, many people in charge of cabinet brands said: cabinets are large items, and its online sales also involve complicated issues such as transportation and installation. Therefore, on the one hand, e-commerce platforms continue to strengthen their supply chain management capabilities. , Enriching product categories, improving technical capabilities, and improving users' online shopping experience. On the other hand, it is also increasingly urging cabinet companies to vigorously deploy online and expand online and offline channel integration.
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