Cabinet companies are constantly fighting, brand influence is the key to victory

The cabinet industry has been developing for more than 20 years. In recent years, the competition in the cabinet industry has become increasingly fierce and has entered a fierce stage. As a mature industry, the current cabinet companies can no longer form an obvious competitive situation in hardware facilities. Only the PK of soft power such as brand building can better demonstrate the status of the industry. However, brand building has never been accomplished overnight. It is a long-term cultivation process that requires a lot of financial, material, and manpower to operate and maintain.

  Many cabinet brands are in the hair, few well-known brand cabinets

   Up to now, the cabinet industry has developed rapidly. Domestic large and small cabinet companies are spreading all over the country. However, there are few well-known cabinet brands. The brand building of cabinet companies has become a problem that plagues cabinet companies. In my country's cabinet industry, there are common problems of small enterprise scale, low brand concentration, and lack of well-known brands. It is true that the brand awareness of the cabinet companies has been awakened relatively early, and the desire for brand building is also relatively strong, but it is helpless that the cabinet industry is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and they often have more than enough energy to build brands. With the increasingly fierce competition in the cabinet market, the continuous escalation of brand competition, the continuous development of large cabinet companies, and the increasing brand influence, the road to brand building for small and medium cabinet companies will be more difficult.

  Brand influence becomes a competitive weight. Corporate brand promotion needs to be gradual

   As we all know, my country's cabinet industry has a low threshold, small and medium-sized enterprises occupy the main body of the industry, and most cabinet companies cannot afford to 'burn money' brand building. Especially in recent years, the real estate market has cooled rapidly, and cabinet companies are in an increasingly difficult situation and are overwhelmed. Naturally, there is no 'spare money' to use for brand building and promotion. 'Brand promotion is difficult to achieve results' is the main dilemma faced by many cabinet companies. Industry insiders believe that the 'company website + corporate picture album + image advertisement' model adopted by cabinet companies in the past can no longer meet the needs of the new situation and new market. Cabinet companies need to explore new publicity and promotion methods.

   In addition, brand promotion through the Internet has been a common method for large and small enterprises in recent years. This method is relatively low in cost and within the range that most cabinet companies can afford. From the use of the Internet for brand promotion, it can be inferred that many growing cabinet companies have realized the importance of spreading brand values.
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