Build a mobile social O2O marketing platform Cabinet companies build brand WeChat

Since the birth of WeChat in 2011, the number of users has exceeded 800 million by November 2014. In the past three years, 6 million corporate official accounts have been registered, and WeChat has become the largest instant messaging application tool in China. According to statistics, the growth of mobile phone online shopping is 44 times that of general online shopping. The birth of WeChat provides convenience for grassroots civilian online shopping and brand online retail. For the cabinet industry, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Micro-marketing will also bring new opportunities for the transformation of cabinet companies.

   WeChat marketing is famous

   As WeChat slowly intervenes in people's lives, more and more people are gradually inseparable from WeChat, and in this process, cabinet companies cannot do without WeChat marketing. For a while, WeChat unveiled a 'WeChat marketing drama' in the cabinet industry and even the entire home furnishing industry. WeChat has become the first choice for marketing channels due to its privacy and social level. According to related surveys, 7% of users who follow WeChat public accounts will choose news or interesting Weibo content to forward to 'Friends Moments' or 'Weibo' after reading them.

   cabinet company builds brand WeChat

   Although WeChat marketing has tremendous development potential, for cabinet companies, it is necessary to consider the company's own situation before using it during development. According to industry insiders, when making full use of the advantages of WeChat marketing, cabinet companies should continuously improve the information push mode, grasp the frequency of information push and the readability of information content, so that customers are interested in learning about cabinet companies through the information pushed. information. Companies must form their own unique styles so that users can keep their feet and continue to read. As long as the positioning is done and the content is done, users will naturally share the content you make, and continue to bring fans to the enterprise.

   becomes a mobile social O2O platform

   If cabinet companies want to build WeChat into a 'bridge' to communicate with consumers and audiences, they must clearly understand that WeChat can Consumers get to know the company for the first time and let dealers understand the industry dynamics. In fact, marketing is not content, but content is marketing. Cabinet companies can allow users to settle demand rigidity and generate emotional resonance. It is not a master who only pulls users, can make content, and can play social activities. The real master is to be able to find the pain points and itchy points from the user's behavior and habits, so that their needs can be precipitated on the WeChat platform, forming a rigid demand , This is the basic criterion for cabinet companies to conduct WeChat marketing.

   Although WeChat rapid marketing does have the characteristics of low-cost dissemination of promotional information, cabinet companies should not use WeChat as a mere advertising sender in practice, but should evolve into a customer management tool to maintain and operate customer 'friends circle' 'In order to truly utilize and play the many advantages of WeChat.
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