Breaking the monopoly of foreign capital, Chinese cabinet companies are rising in the high-end market

At present, China’s cabinet industry does not yet have a brand that can dominate the international market. Compared with advanced foreign cabinet companies, Chinese cabinet companies still have economic strength, product quality, scientific research level, management foundation, and marketing capabilities. There is a considerable gap. Such a gap leads to a disparity in power, so that Chinese cabinet companies can only stick to the 'lake' of the domestic market, but cannot swim in the 'ocean' of the world. If cabinet companies want to reverse this situation, they naturally need to make great efforts to make changes.

   Foreign capital controls the high-end cabinet market

   Insufficient high-quality products and oversupply of low-quality products are the status quo of China's cabinet industry. At present, in the total supply of cabinets, domestically produced high-end cabinets account for only a small proportion, and most of them rely on imports. With the further evolution of the market structure, the position of foreign companies in controlling the high-end market will be more stable, and some private cabinet companies may become processing factories for foreign brands.

   Of course, domestic cabinets are not lacking in high-quality goods. Some products are completely comparable to foreign brands in quality, and the gap lies in brand value. At present, cabinet companies generally have short-sighted behavior in brand strategy, and product strategy is limited to product sales.

  Chinese cabinet brands need to rise

   Due to the small scale of the company, many Chinese cabinet brands are unable to carry out large-scale advertising, and it is difficult to increase brand awareness. Some agents' short-term business concepts of profiteering have also caused damage to the company. A rational brand management strategy should be the first choice for domestic cabinet companies to break through and win in the market. This means that cabinet companies cannot be eager to achieve success, but must systematically solve problems and pay attention to the overall upgrade of hard power and soft power, so that they can get rid of the role of follower and truly have independent rights.

   In short, domestic cabinet companies can only seek their own position in the competition if they rapidly improve their technical level, management level, product quality and marketing capabilities. At the same time, the Chinese cabinet market can achieve healthy and orderly long-term development, and consumers can also get real benefits.
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