Brand competition is becoming the highlight, cabinet companies should adjust their strategies

At present, the replacement of the old and the new in various industries is not unpleasant. As a traditional industry, the cabinet industry is not as fast as fast-selling commodities, but the cabinet industry is in the reshuffle period, and the competition between large and small enterprises is also quite fierce. Brand competition has gradually become the highlight of the market. , How do big brands stand firm, how small brands rise, how new brands become well-known... This is a question that cabinet companies at all stages must think about.

  Traditional promotions have little effect

   Every holiday is regarded as an important promotion node by various businesses, and the cabinet industry is no exception. The forms of promotional offers are numerous and complex, and the 'big' promotional efforts can be described as exciting. However, such a 'strong, big discount' promotional activities seem to be difficult to resist the general trend of flat sales in the cabinet market as a whole, and the sales of most merchants in most stores are very unsatisfactory. The reason for product promotion but 'unsold' is that in recent years, the cabinet industry has a wide variety of promotional activities. The so-called 'last day price' in many stores can even be extended to one month, causing consumer visual fatigue. Consumers began to participate in various promotional activities with a rational mindset, instead of blindly chasing low prices, they began to pay more and more attention to cost-effectiveness, and consumers hope to find cabinets with high cost-effectiveness. The traditional price promotion war can no longer meet the needs of consumers. Only by working hard at the root can we get rid of this embarrassing dilemma.

   Avoid homogeneity and upgrade promotional methods

   For the current cabinet market, the biggest problem generally reported by consumers is the serious homogeneity of products. The brand structure of major stores is similar, and the product design of each brand is the same. The homogenization of cabinet products has also brought about homogenization of the stores, which has led to consumers' discomfort and distrust of consumer products. Moreover, even if a certain brand can stand out from the crowd, there is a serious lag in after-sales service and other aspects, and the phenomenon of 'pinching' occurs from time to time. At present, the cabinet industry is gradually entering the stage from extensive to branding and combining with health and environmental protection, and people's recognition of the brand is getting higher and higher. Many companies and distributors have realized that a price war without the support of a brand will not only reduce the profit margin of cabinet products, but also make consumers doubt the product quality. Excessive price wars will plunge the entire market into chaos, and the real way to survive lies in brand building, so that it can help the company's marketing.

   brand will become the highlight of market competition

   Nowadays, for many consumers, they first choose branded products when they buy products. When they buy products, they no longer easily believe in the hype of the merchants, but place orders after repeated comparisons. Therefore, cabinet companies and distributors realize that in the foreseeable future, whoever does the brand well first, and who first wins the trust of the people with his brand, can stand out in the fierce competition and occupy the commanding heights of the cabinet market. .

   At the same time, to establish brand value, the company's gatekeeping cannot be ignored. For example, some companies exhibiting at the cabinet show put brand image display first and do not pursue the number of stores. But according to the product brand positioning, there are certain restrictions on the franchise requirements of dealers, and strict control on the city positioning and shopping mall location. Industry insiders believe that, in fact, this is another sense of self-marketing for cabinet companies. This kind of silent promotion method can better reflect the value of the brand. In the future, the competition among enterprises will no longer be the competition between big and small, but the competition of the industrial chain and the competition of resource integration. To achieve long-term and healthy development under the conditions of the poor market environment, cabinet companies can only adjust the product structure system and transform to a high-profit development business model.
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