Blasting marketing has hidden injuries, cabinet brands tend to be gentle and drizzle

'Explosive marketing' is an absolute key word in the home furnishing market. If it still appeared occasionally in the past few years, then in the past two years it has been like a vigorous tornado. Whether it is shopping malls or cabinets and other brands, they have been affected by this force. Surrounded, a large number of bargaining meetings, group buying meetings, and a series of 'brand alliance' activities appeared in the market.

   blasting marketing can form group operations

   Under the premise of limited demand, the 'explosive' growth of building materials and home furnishings in the past few years, coupled with market regulation and real estate regulation, has intensified competition in the cabinet market. From the production capacity of manufacturers to the number of stores, it also makes circulation The competition in the link is fierce. 'For some well-known brands or large enterprises, maintaining normal growth or survival must seize more market share.' According to analysis by industry insiders, well-known cabinet brands and companies have many resources, including marketing teams and sales channels. This is an advantage, and the greater advantage is to fight in groups, or to do 'annihilation' or 'blasting marketing'. It has become a marketing tool, which is also good for shopping malls, and can drive the passenger flow, popularity, and popularity of building materials stores. However, this kind of 'blasting' is not without a bottom line, but must be limited to a certain reasonable range, otherwise it will hurt the credibility and credibility of the brand.

  Mature brand 'gentle and drizzle' marketing

   Due to many reasons, there are indeed many problems in the terminal of the cabinet industry. It needs some invigorating needles or growth factors to stimulate, so that the cabinet terminal personnel and marketers can re-examine their traditional marketing thinking and acquire some new thinking, new ideas, new method. From this perspective, 'terminal blasting' has the rationality of its existence and prosperity. But mature brand marketing should be a process of satisfying consumers’ needs in a gentle and drizzle manner, and in turn, a process of obtaining reasonable profits for themselves, instead of violently and blindly 'eating one bite into a big fat man' because of consumption. Consumers should have their own choices, and companies and brands should have their own stable growth process. A healthy market never needs this kind of stormy, war-smoke terminal sports.

  Explosive marketing may bring potential harm

   In addition to the potential damage to the market and the brand, the most frightening thing is that the rapid increase in sales brought about by 'terminal blasting' in the short term will give manufacturers, stores, and distributors an illusion, forming a kind of dependence instead of Spend more energy in the future on the adherence and maintenance of basic values u200bu200bsuch as product quality, brand value, and after-sales service. Therefore, if the cabinet company is only adhering to its own self-interest and short-term interests, and continues to 'change a place with one shotNo, I can't stop it, and then let the brand and the company fall into a vicious circle, destroying the integrity, consistency and continuity of the business management system and the brand system.

  Cabinet enterprises should insist on breaking, neutral and standing

   Of course, if the cabinet company realizes the above, it can immediately rein in the precipice, just use 'terminal blasting' as a deconstructive means, and it will be effective, and the 'terminal blasting' brand and enterprise can be discovered in time. We will continue to rectify these shortcomings in cooperation with enterprises and stores, and constantly upgrade the traditional cabinet marketing model, so that enterprises and brands can obtain a healthy 'blood circulation' system, so that they will no longer rely on 'terminal blasting' in the future. Strengthening the heart, but relying on a long-lasting culture, mechanism, value system, etc., to promote its own sustainable development, then 'terminal blasting' may be a salvation for traditional cabinet marketing.
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