Beautiful home, even the cabinet handles are deliberate

Exquisite decoration is often inseparable from the cooperation of various details. Once ignored, it may ruin the taste of a house, such as cabinet handles. Subdivided shapes and styles, the handle can have hundreds of choices, whether it is retro, or modern, or childlike...there are many different styles, each with its own merits. Although the handle is small, it has a finishing touch. Choosing it well can instantly add several levels of texture to the well-deserved cabinet; on the contrary, if it is not well chosen, it will reduce the overall appearance.   What is the beauty of the handle? ▲It is a non-adjustable, timeless classic CP   long strip handle is also a very popular simple handle design. The slender shape makes the sense of hierarchy and line to a higher level, and instantly increases the appearance of the cabinet by dozens of percentage points. , The visual effect is perfect.  ▲The white cabinet door is equipped with black handles, and the effect is very outstanding.    The consistent handle design makes the overall feel natural and easy; but occasionally a mix and match can also add a lot of color to the cabinet.   If the shape of the black handle is a cool and elegant road, the stainless steel handle is a classic representative of low harmony and exquisiteness. Its own bright surface and sand surface effect make the cabinet shape more unique.  ▲The style of stainless steel handle is not selected properly, it is very likely that the appearance of the cabinet will be destroyed by the    exquisite handles, which will make people fall at a glance, and the common decoration can be described as a tiger-like existence.  In terms of exquisiteness and texture, metallic color has always been a handle. Especially the brass color, the light luxury and retro feeling is even more vivid.   When the delicate cabinet meets the slender brass handle, the temperament is instantly transformed into splendor. And the brassy color that decorates the cabinet is simply an inescapable presence. If you are still worried about the handle style, you can include it in your options.  ▲The slender brass handle is full of exquisiteness.    In addition to the slender shape, the brass handle has more styles to choose from, such as small cone handles, shell handles... whichever you prefer. No matter if it is matched with cabinets of any color, the brass handles are better, and the appearance is always online.  The retro leather handle is also a loyal supporter of exquisiteism. This soft and natural material gives the cabinet a mellow smell.  
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