Basically, a door is made up of a number of parts


In the olden days, door jamb detail consisted of a simple trim to cover the air space left between the door and the wall, but this trim became more and more decorative and today there are many designs and options available for you to choose from. The important thing to remember is that the door jambsneed to be strong and straight so that they can support the weight of the door easily and also make sure that the door jambs are 'true', i.e. make certain that bolts and hinges all align up correctly.

My uncle recently bought a new house and wanted to spruce it up a little before he moved in. he looked around to see what the main areas for improvement were and then decided that having new doors and windows fitted would be the best way to make his money go further. The frames were quite rotten and the designs were very old, so he realised that just changing these would add a whole new look to the house and also increase the value of the house, if he decided to sell it.

His first thoughts were to do a lot of the work himself, with a little help from his family. However he soon gave up on that idea when first his children, and then his wife, all told him in no uncertain terms that if he decided to do the work without the advice and help of a professional, they would have nothing to do with it. My uncle does not have the best track record of completing any home improvement project he starts and it is for this reason that his family decided that this time they would handle things themselves and that maybe this way they would actually be able to move into their new home before the end of the year and it was only June at the time.

They asked around and got the names of some professional carpenters and companies which specialised in door jambs and door jamb detail. They found a company they liked and after checking out some of their work, they entrusted this company to make, fit and adjust all the doors in the new house and at the same time to fit new windows in the house. They were satisfied with the results and the polite, efficient services provided by all the staff and were happy to be able to move into their new home within a month. They are now considering using the same company to change all the kitchen and bathroom cupboards.

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