Avoid homogeneity, cabinet companies must put originality in the first place

Since the development of the cabinet industry, there have been many plagiarisms, ranging from product appearance to functional design, and there have been many 'face-hit' cabinet products on the market. In fact, if you want to successfully build a cabinet brand, it is important to focus on originality, and cabinet companies should enhance their originality.

   Plagiarism becomes the norm, cabinet companies take shortcuts

   According to industry insiders, the problem of intellectual property protection is a problem that has plagued the industry for a long time, and plagiarism of designs often occurs in the industry. In addition, there are few technical patents in the cabinet industry, most of which are appearance patents, and the appearance is not difficult to imitate, so well-designed products are often copied.

   The person in charge of an Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. said that behind the plagiarism of enterprises, on the one hand, the time period for designing patent applications is longer, and it usually takes about one and a half years to complete the entire application process; on the other hand, According to the existing laws and regulations, only if the appearance of the product is more than 80% similar can it be confirmed as plagiarism. As far as the cabinet company itself is concerned, imitating plagiarism can save a lot of manpower and material resources in product development and design. Some small and medium-sized enterprises may not have the ability to bear these costs. Imitation plagiarism has become the most affordable and convenient method.

  Cabinet branding, enhancing originality is the key

   At present, the development of the entire cabinet industry presents a prosperous scene and is in a state of growth. For any industry to develop and grow, it needs capital and brand promotion, transformation, and original design. For the current industry's plagiarism, it is harmful to the enterprise.

   When the cabinet company develops to a certain scale, it has switched from direct product marketing to brand marketing. Original design has naturally become one of the core competitiveness of corporate brands. At this time, the company will stand at the two ends of the smiling curve. To obtain higher profits. Moreover, once the brand is labeled as imitating plagiarism, it will damage the corporate brand image. Therefore, cabinet companies must be brave to innovate and design more new products in order to remain invincible in the market.
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