Attention should be paid to the use of stainless steel hinges for wardrobes

With the rapid development of modern society, people's choices for home furniture such as wardrobes have also begun to shift to high-quality products, and they have their own requirements for the hinges and other hardware accessories used in the wardrobe. A set of gorgeous wardrobes are often expensive, so in order to live up to our carefully selected gorgeous wardrobes, some basic knowledge of the use of wardrobe stainless steel hinges should also be understood. 1. Pay attention to the intensity of use. Do not use excessive force when opening and closing the cabinet door, because if the hinge is hit too violently during use, the plating layer on the surface of the hinge may be damaged. Do not use too much force, because if the stainless steel hinge is subjected to too violent collisions during use, the plating layer on the surface of the stainless steel hinge may be damaged. 2. Pay attention to corrosion prevention. When cleaning the closet, do not use a damp cloth to scrub the hinges to avoid water marks and prevent corrosion and rust. For more precautions for the use of stainless steel hinges, please call for consultation.
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