At present, the innovative WeChat marketing model of cabinet companies needs to be improved

At this stage, as the number of WeChat users is increasing day by day, major cabinet companies have begun to conduct WeChat marketing. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for major cabinet merchants. Looking at the current cabinet official WeChat, there are still big problems. Most of them are just a simple mode of mass messaging, and innovative WeChat marketing needs to be improved.

  New service model to be developed

   As March 15 approaches, words such as 'complaint, exposure, feedback' have once again become hot words of the year, and the entire consumer world has begun to stir again. This period is both a challenge and an opportunity for cabinet merchants. The challenge comes from the criticism of the citizens, and the opportunity is that a big promotion season is coming.

   Recently, I learned that since the beginning of the year, the entire domestic household market has been relatively flat. In order to achieve the expected goal in the first quarter, some stores have started a new round of node promotions, and March 15, which is closely related to 'consumptionAt the same time, in order to increase product sales, sales promotion alone is not enough, and many cabinet merchants are also aware of this. Therefore, the new service model has become a channel for everyone to explore.

  Expanding publicity channels WeChat becomes mainstream

   From the school intranet in the student days to the current Weibo and WeChat, with the development of the Internet age, online social tools are constantly updated. And social marketing aimed at the 'acquaintance model' is becoming more and more popular on the WeChat platform. WeChat has naturally become a propaganda platform coincidentally for many cabinet merchants.

   For the expansion of publicity channels, home furnishing stores establish a clear direction, and determine the channels based on their own financial strength, market operation strength, management ability and market positioning. For many cabinet merchants with mature conditions, they began to consider getting involved in e-commerce and launching products aimed at online sales.

   WeChat marketing needs precise positioning

   In addition to the use of WeChat for communication, everyone also discovered its commercial value. With many stores and merchants taking the lead in creating a WeChat platform, they printed the QR code of the cabinet company on the poster, so that consumers can see at a glance. As long as you scan the QR code of the company, you can understand the dynamics of the product and the event. activity.

   Ms. Xie, a customer who often follows their WeChat account, sighed: “It’s much more convenient now. Just turn on the phone and see their latest discounts on'buy cabinets and get annual property management fees'. Physical stores are much more reliable.” Similarly, some home furnishing merchants’ WeChat has adopted a periodical continuous push method, regularly launching some style trends, product recommendations, etc., to cultivate consumers' habit of paying attention.

   Nowadays, there are more and more household products on the market, and consumers have more and more choices. In addition to product quality, it is also the service of the merchant that determines the purchasing power of consumers. Good after-sales service is itself a means of promotion, and it is also an essential core part of brand building. Therefore, cabinet companies have to work hard on after-sales service if they want to increase product sales.
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