Are we informed about Ball Bearing Drawer Slide weight and volume after shipment?

Yes, the weight and volume of Ball Bearing Drawer Slide after shipment are included in the shipment form which is sent to our customers. The freight expense is calculated based on the weight and volume of the product. As customers have the right to know the exact calculation of the freight, expenses, we will measure the weight and volume of the packed product after shipment. The data will be provided by the freight suppliers, with which we have cooperated for years. We ensure the figure is accurate and correct and will take some photos as evidence.
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Developing Hinge is the core of SHANGHAI HENGCHUAN HARDWARE's long-term business. Zinc alloy handle produced by SHANGHAI HENGCHUAN HARDWARE Co., Ltd. is very popular in the market. Several factors of Hench drawer slide have been taken into consideration. These factors cover softness, breathability, wear resistance, odor resistance, and hypoallergenic property. Without the Quality Assurance, Zinc alloy handle in Hench is not allowed to be sold in the market.
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SHANGHAI HENGCHUAN HARDWARE would like to promote the further healthy development of the Door Hinge industry. Check now!

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