Application scenarios of open closet handles


1. The open wardrobe is a home-style wardrobe, named after the cabinet is embedded in the wall. That is, using the space or wall vacated by the home type, the wardrobe cabinet is embedded in the wall, which is more spacious and bright than ordinary wardrobes, and has good air circulation.

2. Open wardrobes are also called open cloakrooms. The open wardrobes used to have no doors, but now there is a new type of open wardrobe with cabinets underneath, which can hold some that are difficult to hang out with hangers. Of small objects.

M36B-Hidden handle

Using SUS304 material

Stainless steel hidden handle, different sizes and shapes are available, mounting holes are available Hidden, exposed

Usage: emergency doors, kitchen doors, various cabinets, measuring cabinets, measuring equipment

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