Applicable to the scope of the stainless steel handle


Stainless steel products occupies a very important position in our daily life, industry and other fields with their unique performance and own characteristics. Next, we will briefly talk about some characteristics and scope of application of stainless steel handles.

Applicable places

Stainless steel handles look good at the atmosphere, and the surface is smooth and delicate, so the surface is not easy to be dusty and environmentally polluted. It has excellent self-washing function, rain washes the face, self-washing as new, One piece of stainless steel furniture door handles and iron door handles are more suitable for hotels, department stores, clubs and other occasions to make up for defects necessary for paint, rust, and painting protection every other year.

Optional colors

The stainless steel handle can be plated with rose gold, black titanium, red bronze, sapphire blue, green, brown, bronze titanium, champagne gold, etc. Noble and elegant, it is a modern style decoration concept, and has the characteristics of perseverance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. The stainless steel handle has exquisite styles, fashionable styles, and strong sense of interior decoration.

Product features

With the rapid development of society, people naturally need a beautiful working environment. Can improve work efficiency. The stainless steel handle is beautiful, corrosion-resistant, stylish and elegant, easy to assemble, and has strong artistic, decorative and applicability.

The stainless steel handle has been optimized by computer-aided design, with beautiful appearance planning, precise appearance, beautiful appearance, reasonable function structure, durability, and a number of patented technologies. In terms of production, quality is strictly controlled in accordance with the ISO9002 management system. The choice of goods is very particular. According to the shape and function, different materials can be selected first, and the raw materials can be processed with the most sophisticated and demanding appearance processing technology.

Yantai Tanjia is committed to providing consumers with the highest quality industrial equipment handles, equipment handles, mechanical handles, etc. For products, the company has special processing and production machine tools, as well as full-time employees for grinding, polishing, drilling, wire drawing, welding, electric welding, argon arc welding, packaging, etc., which can be produced and processed according to customer drawings. In the current pursuit of fashion, more and more people follow the trend of the times with the creative planning concept. The stainless steel handle is now not only a convenient device, but more importantly, it has a decoration effect and an embellishment effect.

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