Analyze the installation style of the hardware handle


1. At present, there are various styles and materials of furniture hardware handles on the market. Consumers can choose a suitable handle according to their own furniture style. For example, the handle made of copper is harder, and the style is more suitable for European style, while the ceramic handle is suitable for classical style decoration.

2. Generally, there are two ways to install the handle, the exposed type and the built-in type. The exposed type is relatively easy to use and can be more convenient to match with the furniture, but it may need to be cleaned frequently. , The built-in handle is a little safer, will not be accidentally hit, and the appearance looks simpler.

L14-stainless steel handle

Use SUS304 material

The tube body and feet are made of stainless steel, which is processed by sandblasting and electrolysis. Bright finish

The handle is corrosion-resistant

Uses: food machinery, chemical machinery, ships and sanitary products

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