Analysis of the causes of hardware hinge damage


For all kinds of doors and cabinets, hinges are very important hardware accessories, because each time they are opened and closed, the stress points are the hinges. Hinges are generally divided into two types, one is an ordinary pair of metal blades connected by pins, and the other is a cushioning hinge, which can automatically cushion and cushion the automatic closing accessories when opened at a certain angle.

But the more complicated the structure is, the more you worry about damage. Then what is the reason for the hinge problem? It cannot be completely attributed to quality issues. Just like ordinary hinges and cushioning hinges, the former is definitely more durable than the latter, because the latter has a relatively complex structure, a complex structure, a large number of parts, and the higher the wear rate, the more difficult it is to guarantee the service life.

K16-heavy hinge

Use zinc alloy material

90°right angle installation, opening angle 180°

Usage: ovens, refrigerators, small cabinets

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