Analysis of Plum Blossom Knob of Hardware Accessories


Among the many metal products, hardware accessories are widely used in our daily and industrial applications, such as machinery, furniture, public facilities and other fields. They can be seen in the fields of machinery, furniture, and public facilities. They are also playing their own roles. Value serves us. The concept of hardware accessories is very extensive. Generally, all parts made of hardware products become hardware accessories. Next, we will briefly introduce a small plum knob in the hardware accessories.

The plum blossom knob, as its name implies, is a knob made of plum blossom shape. This design is mainly designed and produced in consideration of the needs of different products. The material is mainly high-strength engineering plastics, PE, Carbon steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, different materials have different properties, although the products produced are different, here refers to the characteristics of the product, but the appearance is basically the same.

Color selection

The color selection can be customized according to customer requirements. Common ones are black, white, etc., of course, black and white or other colors can also be used according to the scene design production.

How to choose

The flexibility of the knob should be considered first when purchasing, regardless of the flexibility of any hardware accessories product, especially those that need to be used frequently or Rotary opening and closing accessories, if they do not feel particularly good to use, will have a certain impact on future use.

Also when choosing, you should choose a plum knob made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. The main consideration is whether it is rusty, especially in places that are prone to moisture. The choice is more important.

Tightness is also to be considered on the one hand, if you want the knob to be used for a long time, it must To ensure that the sealing of the knob is complete, of course this depends on the use scene.

The last thing is aesthetics. When choosing, try to choose those products that are comfortable and beautiful in appearance. Depending on the scene and needs of the use, the diverse shapes and rich and beautiful colors are also a highlight of the purchase.


Because there are too many types of knobs, so I can’t list them one by one. I will give you a brief introduction here. I hope that through this article, everyone will know the knobs. (Plum knob) There is a simple understanding, especially when buying it, it is better to shop around.

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