Amish living room furniture offers a host of excellent


The great thing with Amish furniture is how versatile it can be: you can buy a set of perfectly matched Amish living room furniture or just one or two pieces to mix and match or in addition to your existing set up. Further you can customize each item according to your requirements. Amish custom furniture can have a great deal of options based on which you can have alternations made:

1. You can choose from among many different styles from among Shaker, Mission or traditional which the Amish are so famous for making. Or one can even choose from more modern, contemporary styles.

2. For the hutches, buffets, chest or TV stands you can have customized the sort of drawer glides that you like such as full extension rollers, or under mount full extension ball bearing slide or mount full extension ball bearing. You can even add self closing and/or anti slam glides as per your specifications.

3. You can choose from among different kinds of glass used in the panes of cabinets, as table tops, or as inserts for other kinds of furniture. You can pick glass of your choice, such as certain kinds of leaded glass, smoked, bevel, water or straw.

4. The hardware in terms of handles, knobs or other fittings in the furniture can also be changed or customized in terms of color, shape, size etc.

5. The finish, stain, color, and over all look of a given piece of furniture can also be changed.

6. Sometimes the size of a piece of furniture may not be ideal given the particular shape, size and dimensions for which you may require it. In some cases you can even have an item of furniture built as per your required dimensions and specifications so that you have exactly what you need and so that it fits perfectly in the area where you want it to be.

7. You can choose the kind of wood that is used for Amish custom furniture. You can choose hard wood that the Amish traditionally work with or you can pick other kinds of wood. In particular you can choose the color of the wood or change the way a particular finish looks by virtue of the varnish or finishing technique used.

So one can easily see how Amish living room furniture can be customized in a number of different ways so that you never have to compromise on what you want, and can get exactly what you desire!

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