Alliance operations are still applicable to the market, cabinet companies enhance the level of cooperation

In order to cope with the weak market and the fierce market competition environment, household building materials companies such as cabinets have formed alliances to keep warm. The tactics of alliance combat can, to a certain extent, rely on the linkage between brands and brands to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses, enhance market influence, accelerate the building of cabinet brands, and stabilize the market share that is constantly lost in the off-season, so as to achieve a win-win goal.

  Affiliate marketing still applies to the current market

   The biggest purpose of cabinet companies seeking alliances is to borrow 'body temperatureAs for the future market, industry insiders have said that the most difficult period has passed, but the marketing method of affiliate marketing is still applicable.

   The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that with the adjustment of national policies and economic development, the economic environment in 2014 will show a positive momentum. Therefore, the marketing method of affiliate marketing will be more reflected in the promotion of resources in 2014. , Channel resources and customer resource sharing level.

   Cabinet companies are not in blind alliances

   For some cabinet companies, instead of blindly alliance, they pay more attention to the effect of alliance marketing and the fit of partners. Yao Gang, deputy general manager of the Beijing branch of Opal Group, introduced that the earliest champion league was the alliance between the headquarters of various companies, but it was implemented in specific cities. To a certain extent, the effect of the alliance has been affected. Since last year, Oupai’s alliance marketing has been adjusted, and the alliance has been carried out in terminals in various places, and the number of terminal stores such as Dekor and the equivalent of the stores in the Beijing area have been established. 'Top Ten Alliance'.

   Especially in the 'Internet ageThe brand alliance that cabinet companies want to achieve must be different from the loose alliances of other brands. It is a platform management concept based on information sharing and a marketing system as the core. Only in this way can the two parties realize the data connection and optimize the consumption experience. , Truly achieve resource sharing and complementary advantages.
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