Affected by external unfavorable factors, integrated kitchen companies are in a sales dilemma

With the development of the kitchen appliance industry, integrated stoves have become an inseparable part of it. However, affected by various external unfavorable factors, some integrated stove companies have fallen into sales difficulties.

   Fluctuations in real estate policy

   The state's new real estate policies around land law enforcement, affordable housing, and banking and financial institutions have been promulgated one after another, and the media has also reported on the focus of housing prices. Due to the introduction of the national real estate control policy, many consumers who originally planned to buy houses are now holding the currency to wait and see, and the transaction volume of houses is low. The real estate industry is an important factor affecting the integrated stove industry, and consumers' wait-and-see attitude has led to a 'downturn' in the sales of integrated stoves.

  Consumption is becoming more and more rational

   Merchants deceive consumers from time to time. In order to promote sales, dealers continue to introduce measures such as discounts, lucky draws, rebate coupons, and win points. Apart from spending money to buy short-term psychological satisfaction, they did not promote profit growth. While merchants are pondering consumer psychology, consumers are also pondering the merchant's psychology: When will the merchants actually cut prices and make profits so that consumers can get benefits?

   Since the development of the market economy, consumers have long experienced the pain of impulsive consumption, and 'rational consumption' has become synonymous with the current concept of consumption. With the enrichment of information and the increase of information channels, consumers can obtain the information they need in different ways. Consumers’ perception of products has now risen from the level of style and price to the level of quality and cultural connotation, and they are more inclined to Choose cost-effective integrated stove products.

   blindly imitate to follow suit

  As an integrated stove company, it must first have a clear positioning of its products. Product positioning includes not only design positioning, but also positioning of market segments, target consumer groups and brand value. It is necessary to continuously guide consumer groups, increase product functionality, adapt to different consumer requirements, provide more complete services, and increase products. Added value.

   At present, many integrated stove companies in our country neglect to shape the brand, imitate the product design, the design is not new, and the product lacks unique selling points. For example, a company took the lead in launching a series of Baroque-style products, and it didn't take long for the products on the market to follow suit and gradually lose its competitive advantage. Enterprises are inherently inadequate in their own development, so they are particularly vulnerable in the face of crises.

   Promotion 'Also true and false'

   Promotions are too frequent, dazzling consumers. For example, merchants put up slogans such as 'Buy an integrated stove and draw a lottery, the winning rate is 100%, the highest prize is cash × 10,000 yuanI'm more worried. Consumers are hesitant to buy products in the face of various promotional activities in the integrated stove market, and a wait-and-see mentality has emerged.

  Increase in store rents

   Due to the rapid economic development, the real estate industry has been prosperous, which in turn promoted the development of the home building materials industry, and the related channel circulation industry has also developed. At present, in Qiqihar, the rent of home building materials stores is gradually rising. Rising store rents have brought certain survival pressures to dealers.

  How to get out of low sales

   In view of the market characteristics, consumer needs and consumer habits of the integrated stove industry, if distributors want to 'overwinter' smoothly, they must also do the following: fine management. In order to save costs and improve work efficiency, refined management is the only way. Holding cash in hand, operating with a guaranteed capital. The market is sluggish and development and growth are out of time. Expenses should be reduced and funds returned quickly. The top priority is how to make profits and reduce operating costs.

   Combine strong forces and complement each other's strengths. After the relevant policies of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development are promulgated, finely decorated houses will be the future direction of development. Integrated kitchen dealers and real estate companies will join forces to establish long-term cooperative relations.

  Adjust marketing strategy. Re-examine the environment: the economic situation is uncertain, the market demand is shrinking, and consumer confidence is insufficient. When the peers choose 'hibernationSell u200bu200bmore, seize the market, and use the order volume to maintain the daily operation of the store.

   There is no need to complain about the external environment. It is necessary to adopt a “active self-help” approach, make rapid strategic adjustments, strengthen tactical execution, improve internal skills, and enhance the market’s ability to resist risks.
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