Aesthetic individuation needs to increase, cabinet design presents three major trends

With the development and changes of the times, cabinets have begun to play an increasingly important role in people’s home life. With the expansion of cabinet functions, consumers have higher requirements for the overall space in which cabinets are located. Product functions, styling design, appearance image, aesthetic culture and other aspects have begun to shape all-round experience, and are committed to bringing consumers a more quality home life. Therefore, in response to different consumer needs, cabinet design in 2015 will mainly show the following three trends:

   low-key light luxury has become a high-end design style

  The design of high-end cabinet brands is beginning to follow the low-key luxury, light luxury route. It attracts multiple elements of classical, warm and comfortable, individualized, high-tech and other elements in the design, and emphasizes the distinctiveness, elegant style, the pursuit of high-end and noble artistic vision, and the creation of the top enjoyment of life. New wealthy individuals and intellectual elites are more willing to accept such a light luxury standard: defining high-end from multiple links such as modeling, line, painting, carving, painting, pattern, craftsmanship, and material. For example, the use of hundreds of Chinese cultural elements, European Renaissance design elements, etc., are very useful.

  Insight into consumer demand gives spiritual sustenance

  The design is alive, and the cabinet is also alive. A design with texture and vitality, although it cannot speak for itself, it can satisfy the owner's inner desire for living and share the worries for the owner. With the enrichment of material wealth and the improvement of cultural level, consumers have put forward requirements for the artistic sense of cabinet products. Cabinet companies began to show their understanding of cabinet functions, space and spiritual thinking, in-depth insights into the needs of different groups of people, paying attention to the atmosphere that can be created after different combinations, and giving consumers a spiritual sustenance. Of course, the focus is on expressing the user's aesthetic and attitude towards life.

  Nature elements act as the source of design inspiration

   People yearn for nature and long to live in a natural green environment. This demand has obviously affected the design and production of cabinets. For example, the American Sunshine Coast leisure style, the English pastoral style, and the French pastoral style are all realizers of this trend. The precious tree species in nature, the shape of various plants, the texture and color of everything in nature, etc., continue to play the source of inspiration for cabinet design.

  In the age of industrialization, the leap in production capacity created a wealth of material, while leaving the same thing. If the cabinet design is still in the stage of undifferentiated mass production, it will only cause consumers to become aesthetically tired. In the cabinet market full of brands, companies can only make the cabinet industry shine more dazzlingly only by identifying the consumer groups and realizing on-demand customization!
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