Actively respond to market adversity, cabinet dealers need to change their stereotypes

The dealer is the product marketing team of the cabinet company. However, the position of the cabinet dealer at this stage is relatively awkward. Upward must deal with the sales pressure of the cabinet company, and down to serve customers and consumers. The cabinet dealer involves Stakeholders can be described as complex, and the situation is relatively difficult.

  Enterprises need to guide

   Affected by the downturn and downturn in the real estate market this year, dealers are in a more difficult situation than in previous years. Affected by this, some cabinet dealers even stated categorically that they would change their careers. Under the current situation, it is necessary for cabinet companies to use a broad and broad mind to understand the confusion and situation that dealers are currently experiencing, to help them get out of the current trough, and to guide them with new sales and consumption concepts. With the development trend of the last era, we will respond to and occupy the market with a new model. In fact, as far as cabinet companies are concerned, this is also extremely helpful for them to continue to maintain and expand their market share.

  Change the traditional distribution concept

   The market is changing rapidly, and new ideas, concepts, and models are emerging in an endless stream. At present, traditional channels have been hit hard, and Internet channels have sprung up like mushrooms. Cabinet dealers must also dare to accept these new changes and challenges. After all, if they dare not break, it will be difficult to stand up. Change is the only constant. Only by daring to accept new things and joining and merging quickly can we stand proudly when opportunities come. Foresight is the footnote of development, and strategy determines success or failure. Only by looking to the future can we stand tall, see far, and walk fast.

   As far as business is concerned, the state of mind determines the state, and the state determines the result. China’s traditional sales model is often passive and passive. Most of the time, middle-aged dealers stay in the shop and wait for a while. Facing the change in market sales model, they are at a loss and panic. Distributors born in the 80s and 90s are relatively better at learning and communicating. The success factors of 'sunshine mentality and hard work' determine that as long as they are determined to do something, they will do it boldly. They will not be afraid of wolves and tigers, but will think things in the best way.

   Keep up with the times and respond to changes

  During the development of the market, some distributors were not eliminated by manufacturers or competitors, but eliminated by themselves. Elimination is because they cannot overcome their own mindset, cannot keep up with the times, and cannot keep up with the pace of market development.

   In the future, cabinet dealers must continue to grow and develop, that is, to keep pace with the times and become a thoughtful market pioneer. The same is true for the team. Cabinet dealers must believe that there are only weak ideas and no weak markets. Many things, don't take it too complicated, but actively reduce the complexity, as long as you must have the courage to face various changes, you will surely be able to achieve your expectations and predetermined goals.
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