Achieve a new leap, cabinet brand building can learn from international mature models

Since China's reform and opening up, the economic development of China is obvious to all, and it can be called a miracle. In the past two decades, cabinet companies have also achieved a great leap. If the cabinet industry wants to achieve a leap from an economic miracle to a brand miracle, the successful experience of foreign brands can help domestic companies to build their brands.

  The successful experience of international brands can provide mature models

   France is the hometown of brands. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Valentino, Versace, Dior, etc. are all well-known brands all over the world. 'France has created a brand miracle, while China has created an economic miracle. Chinese companies are moving from an economic miracle to a brand miracle, and brand building is the fundamental driving force to ensure the long-term development of enterprises.' An insider said. The global success of French brands can provide a mature model for the brand building of Chinese cabinet companies.

   brand is the intangible cultural power of the cabinet market competition

  Industry insiders said, “Improving corporate reputation can strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises, and can form an invisible and lasting impetus to the development of enterprises. In fact, the brand of cabinet companies will greatly contribute to the improvement of corporate reputation and competitiveness. This improvement does not come from the investment of human, material and financial resources, but depends on the intangible cultural power of the brand.' Now that the brand has already completed the evolution from functionality to sociality, the social significance of brand consumption has become increasingly prominent, not just The functional attributes of the consumer.

   cabinet companies want to integrate their products into the competitive market

   Many domestic cabinet companies are actively introducing foreign equipment and raw materials, or cooperating with a foreign brand. This is just a gilding process and does not contribute much to their own brand building. 'The most important thing for cabinet companies to do a good job in brand building is to take root in the local area and integrate their products into the local economic and cultural development. Only in this way can there be a virtuous circle in the development of the company, and brand building will naturally be a matter of course.'

   Cabinet products and spiritual culture need to be consistent

   Of course, the brand building of cabinet companies must be based on integrity, product quality and product characteristics as the core, in order to cultivate consumer's reputation and recognition, and the company's products can have market share and economic benefits. Brand building includes brand positioning, brand planning, brand image, brand expansion, etc. The cabinet products and spiritual culture must be consistent, and well-known brands are often telling the same story. Therefore, the brand is not how the society positions the company, but the cabinet company itself has to do something from the inside, and then undertake more social responsibilities.
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