A space saving solution for compact server rooms


The Rackmount monitor keyboard drawer is also available in PS2 and USB variants. All these models have some features that are common to all such as operating on simple plug and play functionality, easy installation and set up, a flip up design that allows the unit to remain open for easy viewing even when the rack door is closed. While the on-screen display is used to control Brightness, Contrast, Color, Clock, Horizontal Position, Vertical Position, Phase, Scaling, Auto configuration, Input select, Multi window, Clear EEPROM, Save and Adjust, the mode of control of these units are hot keys, front panel push buttons or auto scan.

Available with adjustable rack mount brackets, the Rackmount keyboard also has slide rails which prevent movement of the keyboard while typing. The TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, HTTP/HTTPS, Telnet, DHCP/BOOTP, PPP, SMTP, DNS, NTP, Dynamic DNS protocols are followed by these units and they are available in screen sizes ranging from 15' to 20'. Offering multi platform support these devices work with Windows, SUN, Dell, UNIX and Linux operating systems. Light weight, they are hot pluggable and allow users to add and remove connected devices for maintenance without powering down the switch. The more advance version of this device allows remote access to servers over the TCP/IP network via web browser and is SSL V2/V3 encrypted for secure transmission. Equipped with built-in microprocessor emulation for each port boot up process, the Rackmount LCD KVM also has the ability to support multiple keyboard languages.

Used in various server room applications, this Rackmount device is also required in certain commercial, industrial and military environments.

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