A set of practical L-shaped cabinet design schemes to make good use of the small apartment kitchen space

'How big is your kitchen?' The homeowner’s intuitive impression of the kitchen.
Pay attention to the WeChat public account: jiaxhx, learn more about small apartment decoration knowledge and skills]article_adlist-->'How big is your kitchen?' The homeowner’s intuitive impression of the kitchen. Most of the small apartment kitchens are not large in size and the layout is not very good. Qijiaxiaocai today shares some practical L-shaped cabinet design schemes, which are suitable for most small apartment kitchens, let's take a look! The L-shaped cabinet layout is to put one of the sink and the stove on the short side, and then the operating table in the middle. This design meets the needs of the kitchen to wash-cut-fry, and is more reasonable. The L-shaped cabinet layout scheme is also very suitable for small apartments and long and narrow kitchens. It has enough storage space, leaving space for 1 to 2 people, and cooking will be more convenient. In addition to the storage of cabinets and wall cabinets, small-sized kitchens should also make full use of the wall space for storage, such as the wall on the other side of the L-shaped cabinets, and hanging rods and shelves will not be in the way. (Ps: Now add WeChat: qijiavh, you can make an appointment for free quotation service and room design in 300+ cities across the country!) If the sink is not under the window, the wall above the sink can also be designed with hanging rods and racks, so Some cleaning supplies can be hung up and won't pile up in the sink~ Qijia Xiaocai thinks that small kitchen top cabinets can be discarded, especially some of the lighting is not good, the top full of cabinets will make people feel too Too depressive. Use the space on the wall to be used for practical storage artifacts such as partitions, perforated panels, hanging rods, racks, etc. The open storage is also more convenient to take at ordinary times, but it is necessary to be diligent in sanitation, around the stove It is best to do less storage. The small-sized kitchen can be connected to other spaces and changed to an open or semi-open design, so that the space can appear more spacious. Or use a large-area glass sliding door as a partition to isolate oily smoke and keep the space transparent, but how to do it depends on the layout of your home. After reading the design of the L-shaped cabinet layout for these small apartment kitchens, do you plan to do the same for your own home? Qijia Xiaocai recommends that homeowners make L-shaped cabinets, and arrange the sinks, consoles and stoves more rationally. Coupled with the use of wall space, the kitchen will not be so messy. (We are committed to protecting the copyright of the author, and some of the works are from the Internet. The true source cannot be verified. If it involves infringement, please contact the editor directly to delete it. Thank you!) Come to the Qijia forum and discuss the decoration issues together!
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