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Kershaw knives have been manufactured since 1974. Much of Pete Kershaw's career involved selling knives for a large manufacturer. He grew up enjoying outdoor activities that required knives. With some ideas and designs of his own, he started his company in Portland Oregon. Kershaw is now a wholly owned subsidiary of KAI USA Ltd. The main manufacturing facility is located in Tualatin Oregon.

The blade on the Scallion is super sharp out of the box. It is 2.5 inches long and made with 420HC stainless steel. The overall length when opened is 5.75 inches. Closed it is 3.5 inches. It is lightweight at only 2.3 ounces.

Handles come in stainless steel, anodized aluminum and fiberglass filled nylon. Stainless handles give a classic look and will not rust or tarnish. The nylon handle, in black, adds some grip and additional weather resistance. A multitude of colors is available with the anodized aluminum handles. One of the more interesting colors is a rainbow effect where titanium oxide covers the stainless steel.

Different locking mechanisms are available on different models. A frame lock or a steel liner locks the blade in the open position. A simple push with a thumb or finger will unlock the blade and allow it to close into the handle. Care needs to be taken when folding a knife to avoid serious injury.

Opening the Kershaw Scallion is simple using either hand. A metal thumb stud on each side of the blade allows either a right or left-handed person to deploy the blade. Just a quick push on the stud engages the spring opening the knife and locks it open with a click. Pushing the blade protrusion on top of the knife with a thumb or finger accomplishes the same thing.

Safety is important when using a knife. Kershaw has implemented a number of features that make their knives much safer. A tip safety lock uses a torsion bar in the handle to keep the blade of the knife from opening accidently. The SpeedSafe mechanism allows the torsion bar to release by applying pressure to the thumb studs or blade protrusion.

You might need a knife for your occupation or opening the occasional box. The removable pocket clip allows carrying it clipped to the pocket. Removing the clip allows carrying inside the pocket or purse without snagging other items. The little Kershaw Scallion is a knife to look at if you are considering an everyday carry knife.

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