What are the functions of the movable handle


There are many kinds of handles. According to the material, it is divided into: plastic handle and metal handle. According to the appearance, it is divided into: oval handle, square handle, rectangular handle, square handle with ribs, U-shaped handle, round handle, tubular long handle, etc. So how to choose a good handle?

The handle looks like a small object, but it has a great influence on the service life and ease of use. There are also chaos in the quotations of handles on the market. They are shoddy and there are many 'counterfeit' brands, which makes it difficult for consumers to buy veritable handles depending on the disparity in quotations, and they often 'success'. How should we choose a small furniture hardware handle? Learn about the activity handle purchase skills to help you choose a satisfactory activity handle.

There are many kinds of game handles, so consumers can choose more. In terms of raw materials, all copper and all stainless steel are better, alloys and electroplating are poor, and plastics are gradually being screened. Because the all-stainless steel handle is similar in appearance to the stainless steel-plated handle, you can bring a magnet and try it to know if it is stainless steel. The selection of the handle should also be appropriate to the use scene.

Selection of color: When purchasing a handle, you should first look at the color of the handle surface and whether the protective film is shiny, whether there are protective films and scratches. For example, the handle of a good sanding cabinet should be slightly dim in color but not looking old; the dividing line of half sand should be straight when the light and sanding explain the local, if the line is distorted The ones are obviously defective.

The choice of feel: a good handle, it will feel very comfortable in use. Therefore, when you are shopping, you can try to see if the appearance is smooth or not. The edge of a good handle should have been smoothed, and there will be no cuts in the hands. The same thickness is also very heavy.

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