Advantages of cabinet handles


Cabinet handles, as the most commonly used parts in chassis and cabinets, are also a very important part of these equipment. To a certain extent, they are also indispensable. As we all know, cabinets are cabinets for storing information technology equipment. . There are many types of cabinets, generally divided into network cabinets, server cabinets, power cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets and other different cabinet types. Its advantages are also different. Generally speaking, network cabinets mainly store network equipment, server cabinets mainly store servers, and power cabinets are mainly used to avoid leakage of confidential information when computers, network servers and communication electronic equipment are running. The advantage of wall-mounted cabinets is to reduce the footprint.

L15-cabinet handle

Aluminum alloy material

Installation: the feet have through holes for M6 socket screws< /p>

Use: machine tool equipment, automation equipment, testing equipment, medical equipment

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