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In addition to handles in hardware accessories, knobs are also used more accessories. Different knobs play different roles in different devices. Of course, there are various types and appearance styles of knobs, which can be used according to different types. The scope and scene determine what kind of product should be used. Next, we will briefly explain the appearance and thickness of the knob.

The surface treatment of the knob has sanding, medium sand (semi-sand), brushing, and light components. The surface treatment of the knob is particularly important. First of all, the quality of the knob must be judged from the surface treatment. The light of a good handle sand is always uniform. If the color is relatively dark, you should feel calm. The dividing line of semi-sand at the intersection of light and sand is straight, and the curved line is obviously defective. The surface treatment of the light has no traces of contact with the flowers, and if the light of insufficient processing cannot reach it, the brightness is obviously insufficient. The light color of the eyelashes should be reflected like a mirror, bright, and not hurt at all. It is particularly important that the surface treatment of the knob cannot form sand holes and cannot shawl. It depends on the quality of the material. On the other hand, the effective management of the grinding operators. The thickness of the short knob is 0.8, and the thickness of the long knob is 1.0 (with 800 mm as the critical point). Of course, the quality requirements are strict. The short knob needs to be 1.2mm thick. The welding part of the knob (especially the base) should be firm. If you pull out the hand and weld it lightly, the life of the knob is easy to shorten.

Whether it is a knob or other hardware accessories, it is a Industrial development plays a certain role. As a business in the design, production and manufacturing of knobs, handles and handwheels, Yantai Tanjia has been committed to providing consumers with high-level industrial hardware accessories products. Welcome everyone to purchase.

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