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8 Different Type of Door Hinge in our life

8 Different Type of Door Hinge in our life


8 Different Type of Door Hinge in our life  

Author:Hench Hardware's–cabinet hinge manufacturer

A hinge is an essential piece of furniture hardware that allows the door to rotate on one edge when opened and closed. They can be found on nearly every door in a home, from the main entry door to the door on the bathroom medicine cabinet to the gate on the garden landscaping fence. Hinges can also be found on various storage boxes, decorative boxes and other decorative containers. It can made of iron material, stainless steel material use in humid environment,and brass material.There are many different types of hinges designed for different purposes. Some are sturdy hardware items that must withstand the weight of large entry doors, opening and closing thousands of times over the life of the door.


1.The ball bearing hinge

Ball bearing hinges are one of the most durable options on the market. This hinge is designed to support wide and heavy doors. In this hinge, a ball bearing is placed between two separate joints. It is also called sliding bearing hinge. A hinge can have two ball bearings or four, a larger hinge can have more, and its bearing capacity is also enhanced.

The purpose of a ball bearing hinge is to reduce friction between the two joints, which wears the hinge over time. These are most commonly used for entry doors, which tend to be larger and used more. Finally, the ball bearing hinges will also open and close smoothly, reducing squeaks and friction. This would be a great door hinge


door hinge 1 


2. Heavy duty hinge

As the name suggests,the load-bearing capacity of a single hinge can reach more than 40-50kg, using thicker materials, the thickness of the hinge is more than 4.0mm.Usually used in various entry doors, heavy iron doors and wooden doors, etc.


door hinge 2 


3. The H hinge

By linking the blades on both sides with the bearing in the center,the hinges are split up and down, allowing it to open and close 360 degrees.Can be applied to all kinds of wooden doors, iron doors, etc.






door hinge 3 



4. The T hinge

The T hinge is a combination of belt hinge and butt hinge. They are most commonly used in applications where space is limited, such as frames and posts, shed doors, and sometimes toolboxes.

Screw holes are staggered along each blade hinge to spread the load and protect the wood from splitting. These are most commonly found on fence gates, garden gates.At the same time, the edge can also be made into different shapes, which can be integrated with your garden and be more beautiful.

door hinge 4 


5. The concealed hinge


A concealed hinge is hardware that lays flush within a door to hide the hinge altogether. These hinges provide a major aesthetic value for high-end interiors.


The hidden hinge has two parts. The first is the pivot and the second is the stand. This hinge is installed in the groove of the door and cannot be seen from the outside. So you need to make a hole in the door, and then insert the hinge. The pivot allows the door to open at a 90-degree angle. This hinge is not as common as some other types. However, it shows up on interior doors from time to time.

These types of hinges were kept in mind during the design process. They will be selected for rooms that will not receive much movement or foot traffic but have a lot of line-of-sight traffic. Keeping the space private, it is also perfect for frameless cabinet applications.

door hinge 5 



6. The Flag hinge

This type of hinge is not very common. However, it is seen from time to time. Flag hinges are usually installed on PVC doors. The design of this hinge is unique. Instead of two hinges attached to the central joint, this hinge has a blade attached to the pin, which can have two blades, or more than two blades.

The hinge is designed to rotate around the pin, giving the hinge a total range of 360 degrees. In very special cases, a flag hinge may be required. These will be used for revolving doors commonly found in front of malls and airports.


door hinge 6 


7. Piano Hinge

Also known as a continuous hinge, a piano hinge is a long hinge designed to provide continuous support along the entire length of the door. It is often used for the lids of large chests or toy boxes - or the lids of upright pianos, where the hinge takes its name from. Piano hinges can either be mortised into the lid and frame, hidden when the lid is closed, or mounted on a surface as a type of strap hinge.It’s also good for fold-down workbenches and desks, cabinet doors and storage boxes.

door hinge 7 



8. European -style hinges are a special form of pivot hinge, which are used to cover doors, or invisible doors, and the hinges are completely hidden. In some styles, one plate of the hinge contains a groove that is mortised into the door. The other half of the hinge is mounted on the side wall of the cabinet. When closed, the hinged pivot mechanism fits within the mortise, allowing the door to sit perfectly flush with the cabinet frame.

door hinge 8 


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