3㎡ small kitchen, cabinets designed like this, too perfect


Today I will sort out and share several kitchen decoration cases with you. Decorating the kitchen in this way can make the kitchen more beautiful and practical. Just like this case, the white cabinets are placed and installed in an L shape, which makes the space very good, and greatly expands the area of u200bu200bthe operating table, making daily cooking more convenient. The kitchen walls are decorated with off-white tiles, which are very well matched with the light blue floor tiles, which are very fashionable and layered. The white cabinets are arranged in a U-shaped arrangement, which makes the space very good and rich. The locker design can store the items in the room well and looks very neat and orderly. The wood-colored cabinets are very delicate and beautiful. They are arranged in an L-shape and matched with high-grade gray marble countertops. They are very stylish and exquisite, and they are very convenient to take care of after cooking. The exquisite wall cabinet is well embedded with the range hood, which is very delicate and beautiful, and can also provide very good storage capacity. In order to improve the storage capacity of the kitchen, some partitions can be installed on the wall to place some small items, which is not only beautiful and convenient for daily use. The wood-colored cabinets are very delicate and beautiful, and match the white walls very well. With some green plants embellishment, it looks more fresh and energetic. In order to prevent the kitchen fumes from entering the living room, you can install this kind of glass sliding door to separate the kitchen from the living room. The kitchen uses white cabinets, which form a sharp contrast with the black wall tiles, which is very literary and fashionable, and can also provide very Good storage capacity makes the kitchen more tidy and generous.  


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